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Our toddler classes are offered to children ages 2-3 years of age.  The 30 minute class consists of creative dance and tumbling.Toddlers dance to age-appropriate tunes such as “Twinkle Twinkle”, “Goin’ to the Zoo”, and “Mr. Sun”, while utilizing props such as magic wands, pompons, butterfly wings, etc.


These classes are a combination of tap, ballet, creative movement and tumbling. Our classes incorporate over 300 choreographed dance routines along with age appropriate music. Included in our classes are a variety of creative props such as pom poms, maracas, tambourines, leis, and much more.


The classes introduce basic tumbling and balancing skills, obstacle courses and exciting routines. The children will explore different gymnastic stations such as a mini trampoline, balance beam, tunnel, tumbling mat, rhythmic ribbons and other creative equipment.


Classes introduce children to basic yoga poses, combined with relaxation and breathing techniques using age-appropriate music, affirmation, and meditation. These fundamentals of yoga are introduced with the use of animal imagery. Children will benefit by building concentration, relaxation skills, coordination, self confidence, and imagination, all in a positive atmosphere.


We have combined popular cheer and hip hop dance routines with today’s most exciting steps. Our class will provide basic cheer skills, warm-up and stretching, splits, bridges, kicks, jumps, formations and choreographed hip hop/cheer routines to age appropriate music.


The students are introduced to the fundamentals of tap, jazz and hip hop. This class will build on basic tap and jazz skills using individual instruction, across the floor techniques and choreographed routines. Music selections include age appropriate hip hop, disco, 50’s, calypso and much more. This class also builds body awareness and self-confidence.